Vision & Mission

Vision :
Simee Contractor & Builders a full- service general contractor who is committed to building our client’s vision by creating relationships and providing superior quality and services that exceed our client’s expectation.
Mission :

We stand behind our vision and our dedicated to well –being of our client’s team members, surrounding communities and building teams. To that end it is our goal to:-

Always provide a safe working environment.
Encourage and help our team member improve, grow and thieve in environment of Continuous learning.
Remain committed to our strategic plan and continually looking forward.
Sustain a culture that encompasses integrity, loyalty, respect, family, fun, pride and dedication.
Be responsive to our client’s need.
Build strong and long-term. Relationships
Devote our time and resources to improve the communities where we live and do business.

Logo & Ethos :
The dark blue colour Oval circle with Red aura in upward is the Logo of SIMEE.

The Blue Colour Oval circle refers Broad Business vision & Thought. and Aura present its strength,Energy, Quality, Time punctuality & accountability.

The Logo contain Group name .. Simee Where S is Capital & remaing letter in small that is a mark of Leadership & Initiative step.